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Providing the best possible service at an affordable price

Lance Karmann

Precision Inspections

Precision Inspections offers high quality Home Inspections at a competitive price. Although the competitors may be slightly cheaper, the cost of one service call from a qualified repair person could potentially offset the slight difference in pricing.

Inspections starting at $300.00.

Ask me about a package deal when you call and I will give you a top quality home inspection and a state of the art radon test for one low price!

Radon Testing

I am a certified Radon Measurement Specialist . Certified through the National Radon Safety Board.

Kansas License #KS-MS-0368

I use a continuous radon monitor. It has tamper resistant features and records and logs hourly measurements to be able to achieve a better understanding of the patterns of radon and its entry into your prospective home. 

Radon Mitigation

Here are sound deadening straps to reduce noise levels of the fan. This probably wasn't necessary on this job because it was hard to tell the fan was on ,except for the reading on the manometer at the bottom of the picture. It is just something I almost always do to go that extra step for you, the customer

Jane Doe

I am also a licensed Radon Mitigation Contractor. Certified through the National Radon Proficiency Program.

Kansas License # KS-MI-0140

Here is an example of using a ground water control system (perimeter drain) to achieve good pressure field extension. By sealing the sump, which is still effective at controlling ground water, we can use the footprint of the corrugated tubing as a method to reduce pressure under the slab and achieve the goal of reducing the radon levels in your home to lowest levels possible

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